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    Welcome to the SignTeach website. SignTeach is a European project. Who is it for? SignTeach is for sign language teachers in the EU.
    A team of expert sign language teachers from 8 different EU countries will make a website. On this website, you can find good examples, explanations, guidelines, and other information, all for sign language teachers.
    You cannot learn a sign language on the SignTeach website. SignTeach is not for sign language learners, it is for sign language teachers.

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    Are you a sign language teacher?

    On this website, you can watch videos of other sign language teachers.
    And: you can watch experts from different EU countries, who explain and comment on what you see in these videos. The videos will be in the sign languages of the SignTeach partners, and in International Sign.

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    SignTeach Project

    The SignTeach project started in September 2014 and will be finished in August 2017. Check out the website for more information about the project and about the people in the SignTeach team.
    Click on "Read More" to read the summary of the SignTeach project (April 2014).
    In the video: Stefan Goldschmidt (Universität Hamburg), signing the SignTeach intro in International Sign.


    The SignTeach Project is partially co-funded by the European Union. The SignTeach website reflects only the authors' views; the Dutch National Agency and the Commission are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.