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Sign Language Teaching and Learning (book)

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Editor: Maria Martzani

Publisher: Centre for Deaf Studies, University of Bristol, Bristol, U.K.

 The volume consists of peer-reviewed papers presented at the  Applied Sign LinguisticsSymposium 2009. The aim is each volume in the  Applied Sign Linguistics  series to includeselected papers, based on presentations at the  Applied Sign Linguistics Symposium  (Annual/Bi-annual) and its related workshops. In covering state-of-the-art research nationally andinternationally, the series aims to broaden the scope of  Applied Sign Linguistics to include areasas:

  • sign language teaching and learning;
  • sign language acquisition as L1/L2;
  • IT and sign languagelearning;
  • sign language testing and evaluation;
  • sign linguistics [applied];
  • discourse analysis;
  • sociolinguistics etc.

Volume 1 is published by the Centre for Deaf Studies, University of Bristol, Bristol, U.K.