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    SignTeach is a European project for sign language teachers. Experienced sign language teachers from 8 European countries are sharing – and comparing! – what they know about sign language teaching.
    * Teach what?
    * Teach how?
    You can find the results on this website.

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    But we are a small group, from only 8 countries. We want to know more about sign language teachers, and about sign language teaching, in ALL EU countries.
    * Who can teach sign language, in the EU?
    * What are the requirements for sign language teachers, for teaching sign language in schools, or in adult education?
    * What training is available: formal training, informal training?
    * What are good examples, good practices that we should promote?
    * What are barriers, threats that you as a sign language teacher have to deal with?

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    Are you a sign language teacher? Then please help us, and answer the questions of our survey.
    * Please tell us how YOU teach sign language.
    * What training do YOU have?
    * Who do YOU teach?
    * Tell us one good example, from YOUR country.
    * Tell us all the threats, barriers, that YOU have to deal with.

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    We will publish the answers on our website: www.signteach.eu. You can follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/signteach . If you tell us your name and email, we will send an email, with the results of our survey.

    Thank you for your help!
    The SignTeach consortium

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