Sign Language Teaching in the UK (Int. Sign)

Creative Commons-LicentieLuigi Lerose, Clark Denmark, UCLan, September 2016, 

In this clip the discussion focuses upon the historical development of sign language teachers in the UK. It traces the history of teaching sign language and looks at how in the beginning it was taught by hearing people for hearing people.

It moves on to explain how Deaf people first taught sign language with the help of the Deaf pioneer Dorothy Miles, one of the first Deaf teachers of sign language and a leading light in the promotion of courses for Deaf people. How her involvement with the British Deaf Association helped to establish training courses. The huge profile and boost sign language received by the widely viewed weekly programme See Hear! on BBC 1. 

The courses were initially linked to Universities and Further Education Colleges but more recently, that has changed as sign language teaching has now been aligned with a vocational qualification.

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