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Development a national seal of quality for the sign language assessments

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Brigitte Daiss-Klang, Switzerland

Lesico 2017, Sunday 15th October 2017, Basel

My presentation reflects the interesting challenges and the current project development and the implementation of the CEFR to address the modern sign language teaching approaches. It is intended for three Swiss sign languages namely Swiss German sign language (DSGS), Swiss French sign language (LSF), and Swiss Italian sign language (LIS). Our national competence center leads a 30 Year program to implement and make the reforms to match the current (CEFR) Common European Framework of reference for signed Languages. Our project focuses on three sign languages pilot project meaning a significant work of language translation, involvement of regional sign language teachers and experts. The presentation also share the last General assembly which the delegates voted and assigned to our office to perform two major Aims of 2016-2020 Strategies namely: the link of CEFR to sign language teaching, learning and assessment the development of the national seal of quality for the first stage of sign language assessments. Our first objective until 2020 SGB-FSS is to develop the first stage of the signed language competence within different levels to be assessed for sign language professionals. It is also aimed that this project to be coordinated with other partners in the universities, educational sectors and program training programs.