Time (DGS, CEFR B2)

Communicative Activities/Language Use - Germany - Communicative Approach - B2, Upper Intermediate


DGS: Intro

Online Class

Slide 1, English translation:

1. Every two weeks, every two months, every two years
2. In two weeks, in two months, in two years
3. Two weeks ago, two months ago, two years ago
4. Within two weeks, within two months, within two years

Slide 2, English translation:

Ten years ago, researchers developed a capsule that makes deaf people hear. The sale hasn't been successful so far. because nobody wants to become hearing. The market will close next year.

IS: Comment

DGS: Comment


    Swantje Marks (HMS, DE), Inna Shparber (Int. Sign), May 2023


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