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How was the curriculum developed for deaf adults?

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Radouane Sahsah, France

Lesico 2017, Saturday 14th October, Basel

Visual de france proposes lSF training for deaf adults: Why? The objectives are the same as those of spoken languages: to master language proficiency and fluency in an academic register. We often say that a Lecturer who speaks French very well is speaking «the language of Molière”. By saying that, we are acknowledging the spoken language proficiency. Why couldn't we have the same recognition for sign language? Guy Bouchauveau is a well-known deaf Frenchman, recognized as a great signer. Let him be our Molière: his signing skills – fluency, accuracy, academic language proficiency - are key learning points for deaf people. These theoretical objectives had already been evaluated in a one - year experiment. As a result, we can definitely prove the benefits of this curriculum for deaf adults, regardless of their profile. Whether they are oral deaf, native signer, or using signs based on spoken language grammar, all of them experienced a major breakthrough in their first language skills. This curriculum fully meets the expectations.