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Blended Learning and Assessment Tool for Reception Competence

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Thomas Geissler, Patricia Barbeito Rey, Germany
Lesico 2017, Saturday 14th October 2017, Basel

In the CEFR there are the three fields of competences called reception, production and interaction. The presentation focuses on reception. Typically there were classroom-based lectures in which movies were shown, different exercises should be done and feedback was given by the lecturer because students cannot evaluate their performance on their own. Also for evaluating homework the lecturer was needed. A modern approach is blended learning which means integrated learning. Students attend classroom-based lectures as well as they are learning in another environment. Nonetheless feedback cannot be given immediately and problems cannot be analysed this way. The choice of methods for exercises is not versatile, too. To solve that requirements the internet platform ‚Moodle’ can be used as a new tool. It offers manifold options for exercises and different methods. So Moodle serves as an assessment tool. Feedback is given immediately, statistics are shown and problems are analysed. Moodle creates transparency and an objective evaluation. It helps identifying reception problems and improves the competence in that field. This effective assessment tool will be presented with examples.